Monday, February 2, 2015

"Never Let an earthly circumstance disable you spiritually." -Elder Hallstrom 
" Sometimes a single phrase of testimony can set events in motion that affect someones life for eternity" -Elder Uchtdorf

Hello family and friends. 
This week has been great. Yes I am kind of sick of emailing every week. Dont get me wrong I love getting emails. That is the best and I always look forward to it.BUT I dont like typing the email. I wish I could just think of what happened and it would appear!
So I will give you a quick update on our investigators...

First is Gail- she is amazing! We are going to be teaching her the lessons again. She is the one who is what we call a "dry mormon" She loves church and she goes to two different ward so that she can be at church longer.  We met with her at told her that she needs to not delay the blessings of baptism. We wanted her to pick a specific date to work towards and she said " thats a great idea.. I was thinking October" Sister Parkes and I about died. we told her that she could be baptized much sooner than that. So we fasted with her this Sunday to know when she needed to get baptized. We were able to have a lesson at a members home with her Saturday night to start our fast. and we talked about the spirit and how our prayers are answered. Then we knelt down with her and she offered the prayer to start our fast. It was such a heartfelt prayer. The spirit was so strong. I am excited to see her make the changes that she needs to so that she can be baptized.

Wynter is the 12 year old. She is doing so great!! I love her. The member fellowshipper and her are reading the book of Mormon together. She came to church. She loves it and wants to be baptized.
Jodi- has been listening to the Book of Mormon and she had listened to Chapter 16 by the time we came back a couple days later. She is going to meet us for a chapel tour this week. She is great. I love her.

Ok here is my crazy story for the week. We have this investigator.  She is dropped for ever. She is crazy. I went on exchanges to see her because she wanted to come to church and her son was there. Well she had a really bad migraine, she wanted us to go get her aleve from the store, but I told her that we couldnt.  She flipped out. She started swearing and told us that we werent of God and told us that we needed to leave and that she didnt want us to come back.  Then her son came out and started yelling at us telling us we were wolves in sheeps clothing and so we got up to leave and her son was like " No, you dont hear what I am saying blah blah blah and then all of the sudden he was talking about how he had saved up so much money but couldnt access it through his credit card and he was pointing at me and saying that I had stolen it. It was really weird. Sweet sister larsen complimented him and he calmed down. He started to actually talk to us so we taught him a little bit and he wanted us to come back. So we did the next day. He is also crazy but it was still good. It was a nice experience.. ha ha
So that has been my week.  I was telling Sister Parkes that at the beginning of my mission I had a lot of "success" as a missionary, where I saw the fruits of my labor. but here I dont see it as much but I feel as though I am a much better missionary now. I can see the difference between rushing someone towards baptism and letting them gain a testimony for them selves. I am teaching better and doing all the right things. It is so much more rewarding. I love this work. What a blessing to have one more month to do this.
Thank you all for the love and support! I hope you all have a great week. A special shout out to the King family. THanks for the Valentines Package!!
Sister Zwahlen

We went iceskating with out district today.

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