Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter Olympics‏

"Remember that your confidence and faith should be in Christ, not yourself. Rely on the spirit rather than your own talents and abilities." -PMG This is a good lesson for me this past week. I often think too much of myself. I like to be independent and I forget that I need to be more dependent on His strength not my own. As to our strength we are weak, but in His strength we can do ALL things.
This week has been really amazing. We have been blessed with finding so many people. They arent all investigators... yet. But we are going out and doing the work. We have met so many nice people. Sister Love and I have been praying for a family, that would be strong in the gospel and a really great addition to the Greenfield branch. and when I say we have been praying, I mean for months now. Finally we were blessed with a family. We were tracting at an apartment complex that is really pretty scary, so we always avoided it, but we felt like we needed to tract there, every door, was rejection or no answer. It was cold and our toes were frozen. However as we kept knocking all of the sudden everyone answered and we set up several return appointments. We met a lady named Ashley and she didnt seem interested but told us we could come back the next day. Being doubtful that she would even be there when we went back, to our surprise she let us right in. We taught the restoration and the spirit was so strong. It was amazing. She told us that she was really interested and that her kids and her would be at church, but her husband was not interested. THEN, she came to our youth activity where we played kickball and she told us that she had showed her husband the pamphlet we had left and he said that he wanted to come to church as well!! AH um can you say blessings?? We are so excited. AJ and Ashley have 3 kids, two girls and one boy. They are so cute and we cannot wait to have them come to church and to continue to teach them. Please keep them in your prayers!!
So as you saw, Yes we won the winter Olympics, that was a shock. When they announced the winners we all just sat there confused. and then we finally realized that we had won!! ha it was so funny!! It was a lot of fun though. I love my zone but I am really scared that I am going to be transferred next week. Oh yea that means that my p-day next week will be Wednesday, so I wont be emailing until then. 
I got to experience my first Ohio Ice storm this last week too. It snowed and then the ice covered everything. our car was a pain to scrap off and then we had to drive to columbus that day. It was slow and scary, but we made it. We have also gotten stuck several times this week. Always with the blessing of having men around to push us out. We truly are being watched over!!
This Wednesday, Sister Love and I are hosting and exchange with another companionship. We are way excited. basically that just means that we have sisters come into our area and we train them and show them how we do things here so that they can learn and take it to their area. We are doing this because our sister training leaders, were asked to pick one companionship they thought would be good sister training leaders and start to train them. So this is part of that. It doesnt mean that we will be called as sister training leaders, but it also doesnt mean that we wont. So we will see. I would love the opportunity to serve and learn with a bunch of different sisters. So I am excited to have this opportunity to have them come and learn from them.
I guess that is about all from this week. I love you all!! have a great Week.
Sister Zwahlen

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