Monday, November 18, 2013


Hello everyone!!
"You haven't failed, until you have quit trying." a result of diligence...

Sister Love, Jaden and I
This week was one of the best we had 3 BAPTISMS!! Roy, Nicole and Jaden were all baptized this week!! Such a miracle!! It was beautiful and we couldn't be happier. Greenfield has been so blessed this last transfer! Transfers is next week, we will find out Monday what is happening, Pray I stay in Greenfield. I love these people and I am hoping to stay. Pray I am needed here most. but obviously I will go where ever I am needed most!
Sister Love, Roy, and Nicole, oh and me obviously

Yesterday Sister Love and I were able to do our musical number in sacrament meeting. (I on the piano and Sister Love playing flute) It was perfect, the spirit was so strong and It was great!! I am grateful to have the talent of playing the piano so many here dont, well most ha also I am playing for the primary program next week. Pray for me! I need all the help I can get.
Also yesterday we had a tornado warning, So we had to go in early, it was raining so hard and the winds were crazy too!! but dont worry there wasnt a tornado that I know of, just the warning! So that is fun. I quite enjoyed that.

We also had Sister Specialized Training this week, It was a meeting for only sisters!! It was wonderful. President Nilsen talked all about marriage.. awkward. you should never talk on marriage to a room full of sister missionaries. They all want to be
married and its hard to focus. ha ha just kidding but it really was so good, I am learning more and more how important it is that I take advantage of every moment I am here. Time flys by and the things I learn here are going to stay with me and help me throughout my whole life. Its amazing how when i turn outward and focus on others, how much I learn about myself. I am finding out I have talents I never knew I had before and one of those is I have the gift of making people feel comfortable and people trust me. Its a really great asset to have on a mission as you can imagine. ha I still have a lot of work to improve on but who doesnt??
I dont know what else happened this week but I just wanted to leave you all with a challenge, As a mission we normally read 5 pgs from the Book of Mormon as a companionship, however as of November 1st we have started to read 10 pgs everyday. We will finish by Christmas. I challenge and encourage you all to do this. If you make time to read 10 pages everyday you will be so blessed. I have seen the difference it has made for Sister Love and I. The book of Mormon has such a power to it. It changes lives!!

I love you all,
Sister Zwahlen

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