Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy VeteransDay‏

Hello family and friends,

I dont have a lot of time today because we are driving up to Columbus for a Zone Fun Day. We are going to meet up with our zone for lunch and then we are going to play volleyball, basketball, and scratch?? Something like that! ha it should be pretty fun, but it takes away from everything we really need to be doing on our p-day. We live so far away from everyone else that we are driving most of the time. ugh ha but that is alright.

This week has been good we have seen blessings continuing to bless us. We have worked harder to be more diligent and I have seen how blessed we have been because of it. We have been teaching lessons like crazy, I think we ended up this week with 25. Which is a  huge improvement from what we have done in the past, but we have been getting the members involved, which had made all the difference. Please help the missionaries. Go out with them. Pray to have missionary experiences and then have the courage to act on the prompting when they come. The Lord is hastening HIS work and HE will guide you and lead you to someone who needs the gospel in their lives. 

This week wasnt too exciting. Sister Love and I did get hit on this week. Well actually we got chased down ha ha he was just asking us questions but he kept saying "dang you ladies are sexy." "All girls from Utah are good looking." stuff like that, so I asked him if he wanted to come to church and If we told him we were missionaries. He said no, but hey I dont mind he would have come for the wrong reasons anyways. but he asked us for our number and I was like "Why?" and he said "well because you are pretty?" I said "well you know we dont date on our missions" Man you should have seen how fast he ran the other direction when he learned that we werent going to date him. Ha it was awkward but hey it happens. 

Also I have adopted a lot of people this week. Reynold is one of them. I now have a third grandpa. He is amazing. I just feel like I was sent here to Greenfield to teach him. I have never felt like that with anyone here yet, and Reynold hasn't even come to church yet.. but he will. He is wonderful and I really just love him. He is going to put up a picture of sister love and I on his wall by his grandkids and I was joking and asked him what he would do if I brought him a lifesize picture of me and he told me he would take down the mirror in his hallway and put it there. ha ha funny man, and the sweetest old man you will ever meet, he will be the best temple worker in the world one day!

We still have 3 of our baptisms this saturday. Pray that Satan is busy elsewhere so that they all make it to Saturday. They will they are all strong and wonderful!! I am so excited for Roy, Nicole and Jaden. We also were teaching Roy and Nicole and Nicole had a friend there and the friend asked to be baptized ha ha so we are going to start teaching here. and the great news is that we taught the law of chastity and word of wisdom and she committed to live them. That is impressive. We havent even taught her any of the other lessons yet. 

Anyways this week has been great, Congrats to Kaydon on his mission call!! He will do great in Mexico. Happy Late Birthday Dad. 

Love you all.. Have a great week.

Love Sister Zwahlen

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