Monday, January 19, 2015

Last Transfer Week‏

Family and Friends,

We find out on Wednesday what will happen with transfers. oh yea did I mention. This is my last transfer?? It is so weird. I will let you know what happens next week when I email again. 

THis week has been pretty great! I don't really remember what has happened so sorry this might be a short one. I do remember that OSU won!! That was a nice way to start off the week and everyone was pretty happy. That night we had our weekly Book of Mormon study group and then they all had to go to watch the game so we did family history for the rest of the night. It isn't a good idea to knock doors during the game! That would do more harm than good. 
Tuesday I was on exchanges with Sister Russ in her area! It went well. They don't have a car so she had planned to find all day out in the cold and we had a member drive us to the area which was far from everything. ha after about 2 and a half hours of knocking doors and not really talking to anyone. I told her that we needed to find a gas station for hot chocolate. It was the best idea. She made calls to confirm appointments while we drank our hot chocolate and defrosted. 
Thursday we had another exchange. I was with Sister Chapman from Australia. I was in Westerville this time. It was a really good exchange as well. We met with a lady named Rose who never leaves her house and she cried because she loves when we come over. She doesn't have much company and she was so grateful to have someone to talk to. It really is a rather sad situation because she isn't that old. I think she is in her 30's. 
Sad Sad Sad, oh yes and this week we got called and asked if we could come and pick the lice nests out of some ones hair. I almost freaked out. I didn't know what to do. So sister Burningham kindly told her that we weren't comfortable with that. Oh she is an angel sent from above I am so glad that she told her no. I know that is mean, but I really don't want lice.  
Well I guess that is about it for right now, we are just working hard and loving life and anxious for transfers!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Sister Zwahlen

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