Saturday, February 18, 2012

Taken Hostage

Last Sunday Kamille and I stayed after church to practice the piano. Soon after I started practicing primary songs, a couple of girls came up and started singing along. It was maybe one of the cutest things I have ever had happen to me! They were all so precious. Sophie, the girl in the grey I feel the need to adopt. Although I would come home with 50 children if I could adopt everyone I felt the need to adopt.
Anyways, I soon had a group of kids standing around the piano singing along.  Next thing I knew we were being dragged into a corner room of the church, while children demanded we take our shoes off, Kamille and I were a little worried for our safety. We were sure we were being taken hostage. Already having this thought in our heads, a little girl comes up to Kamille and takes her over to the window and points at it while saying something in chinese.  Kamilles first response is "You want me to jump out of the window??" Of course that is the only thing she could have wanted her to do! What else would you do with hostages? We never did figure out what she wanted Kamille to do but we still laugh that we thought they could have actually wanted her to jump out the window!

We soon found out they just wanted us to play with them. Phew! We were going to live to see another day. Even though we couldnt understand them, and they couldnt understand us we just sat and played with them for a long time laughing and having the best time.They loved "Down by the Banks" and then they taught us how to play "Eagle and Hen". I hope I can play with them every Sunday!

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  1. Oh Ash Bash this made me laugh out loud. You are too cute. I'm glad you are having such a great time. What am amazing experience for you!